The Heart Way Coach

Discovering The Heart Way, Your Journey Home to Self

lucia cesarini

I developed an interest in complementary therapies in my early 30s, and in 2002 I gained a qualification in Massage Therapy first, then Reflexology.

Since 2003 I have worked for various organisations, such as the Complementary Health Trust (working with people affected by HIV), MIND and Together (mental health day centres), and London hospitals, alongside my private practice.

A keen interest in women's health, including fertility and pregnancy issues, brought me to complete various professional courses, such as Pregnancy Massage and Fertility Reflexology.

After giving birth to my twins in 2015, I took a step back from practicing massage and reflexology as I developed arthritis in my hands.

I have continued pursuing my interest in energy work, and focused more on strengthening my connection and trust in my Heart.

In 2019 I had the opportunity to train as a Certified Intuitive Coach at the Intuition Academy with Sue Dumais.

The training has given me the tools to share what I have learned and continue to practice in my own life: listening to the guidance of the Heart in every moment to live the life I'm meant to, in a more harmonious and loving way.

I have trained and qualified (2022) as a Soul Realignment Practitioner, and I now include this modality in my offerings to help clients understand their Soul Gifts and how to shift out of negative karmic patterns to embody who they are at Soul level.

My passion and what I love is supporting others rediscover their connection to that beautiful light within, their true essence, and find their own Heart Way.

Hi, I'm Lucia

The events that lead me on my path of awakening and reconnecting with the wisdom of my Heart still fill me with wonder.

In my life I always found that I could make important decisions easily. I seemed to always fall on my feet even when things were really challenging.
In my late 30s I found myself facing an unexpected fertility journey that completely changed everything.

My working life was going well and I was doing what I loved. I was developing my practice as a complementary therapist and finding the perfect opportunities all around me.
My relationship with my husband was finally growing in strength after having some rocky years and we felt ready to start a family.
I was 38 at the time and I felt excited and hopeful to start the journey to become a mum.

It didn’t even cross my mind that I would have problems achieving this dream.

As each month passed it become more of a struggle to conceive. My joy and excitement of trying for a baby slowly faded away and I felt growing pressure each month I failed to become pregnant.
I started doubting myself. I doubted the choices I made up until that point. I doubted having an abortion about 10 years earlier. I doubted waiting this long to have a baby. I doubted my ability to become a mum. I doubted my body every time I was reminded by many people including the fertility specialists, that my age was the main factor in my difficulty becoming pregnant.
It was an emotional roller coaster.

After two natural pregnancies that ended in early miscarriages, several failed IVF treatments, and the heavy heartbreak that every single menstrual cycle would bring, I started to feel so exhausted and helpless.

But I still had hope. I still had a sense that one day I would be a mum.

Then it happened! I got pregnant naturally at 44. It happened just after the latest failed cycle of IVF. It was a dream come true!

Just as I read so many times in articles, and inspirational accounts of women that went through years of trying, and then got pregnant when they least expected it.

Little did I know I was about to face an even bigger challenge on my path.

From the beginning of the pregnancy I was made aware by the healthcare team that at my age there were many issues that could arise, especially genetic abnormalities. I tried not to think about that and focused on just enjoying this new chapter in our lives.
I was ignoring the fear that I felt subconsciously that something could go wrong.
I was not prepared for the news that came after some routine tests.

We found out that our baby could have Down Syndrome. I remember not wanting to accept it. After all we had been through how could this happen to us?

We did some more tests and the diagnosis was confirmed.

The moment I received the call with the results is still vivid in my memory.

I was sitting in our garden enjoying a sunny spring afternoon. When the phone rang I could feel the fear. Once I heard the news there was an intense rush of extreme sadness, guilt, and despair that engulfed me.

That was definitely the most challenging time of my whole life. Not only was it challenging to receive the diagnosis, but we also were faced with the impossible decision to continue with the pregnancy or not.

That is when I first became aware of my Heart speaking to me. It spoke not with words but with a sense of knowing that is difficult to put into language. That knowing was so clear and it silenced the voice in my head that was filling me with doubts.
I knew that this baby was a gift and we were blessed for having him in our lives.

After nearly 2 months of researching everything we could about the condition, along with meeting parents of children with Down Syndrome and the children themselves, our hearts were wide open to receive this baby. We were ready and willing to face any and all of the challenges that might come.
Now that we had made our decision I could finally start to enjoy every moment. I was feeling the connection with the baby growing day by day and my heart was overflowing with happiness.

Not even a week after making the decision to embrace the pregnancy, during a routine scan at the hospital, we were told that I had lost all of the amniotic fluid. Even though the baby was still alive, given his condition it would have been unlikely that he would survive outside the uterus.
So again we were faced with an impossible decision. To deliver him and hope that his tiny body at 24 weeks would survive with almost certain life-long side effects.

Or to let him go. With the greatest pain in our hearts, we decided to let him go.
There are no words to express the grief, loss and guilt that I felt. My heart had been ripped apart. The only thing I could do was cry.

The grieving was immensely painful, but I somehow knew the grief was an essential part of my healing process. It took a long time, but I knew instinctively to stay with the sadness, anger, helplessness, and all the emotions in between that were rising to the surface to be felt and processed.
I started to realize that my beautiful baby, in his short life and death, had given me the most precious gifts. I experienced an awakening from a life on automatic pilot. I was inspired to seek to understand the awareness of a higher Self within, and a connection to the infinite wisdom of the Universe.

These were the events that started me on the path of self discovery.

I started searching for people and modalities that supported me in the deepest possible way. That’s when I met my mentor and friend Sue Dumais, who helped me to connect to the spirit of my baby. I began to feel peace around the loss. Something opened up deep inside me and I could see the potential for healing that the experience presented for me. I discovered how the Heart is the most powerful “tool” we have to connect us to our Divine self, to Spirit.

After the loss of our baby I started considering egg donation as a way to become a mum. Even though it was suggested by almost every fertility doctor we had seen, there were so many thoughts and emotions around it.

I felt shame for not being able to have my own children. Fear that I would not feel connected with a baby that didn’t have my own genes. Fear that I might miss the last opportunity to try one more time with my own eggs. And above all, the fear that time was passing fast.

On one side there were all the fertility specialists telling me that I should just go with an egg donor if I ever wanted to have children. On the other side there were all the amazing real stories of women who became pregnant naturally and gave birth to healthy babies late in their 40s. These stories fuelled my desire to conceive naturally and to prove that even I could do it.

It was not easy to make a choice with the confusion I felt in my head.

That’s when I started to focus on practicing tuning into my Heart. I finally heard the guidance. It was so clear and so simple that the fear just dissolved in an instant. We were meant to use an egg donor.

Once I embraced the idea of egg donation, my Heart directed us to find the clinic and the doctor.
Within a few months we were pregnant again, this time with twins.

It was a truly amazing time. I enjoyed beautiful moments of deep connection with the babies growing inside me and with my husband.

Today I am blessed with two beautiful children and I can see all the miracles, big and small, that brought me to this moment. I am still in awe as the miracles continue to happen when I listen to my Heart.
The journey so far has taught me so much about myself and how life is giving me opportunities for healing and growing at every step. If I allow my heart to guide me in every moment, life can be truly magical!